Adam Port + &ME USA/Canada Snapshots

Over the last week Adam and &ME again ate and played their way across the american continent. From Miami the tour went via Toronto to Montreal and Cambridge all the way to New York. Here are their snapshots.

Moni am Mittwoch

Our KM Crew member and Art Director, Monja Gentschow, is back on track for our Label Blog. Check her current work for an Achitecture Agency. Inspired by Oskar Niemeyers Words, Monja puts her ideas to paper and the results are, as always, very interessting.
Visit Monja


Reznik Mix for Radio Hommage

New mix courtesy of Reznik, executed for the nice folks at Radio Hommage, the label periphery of Halles own Monkey Safari crew. With the encouragement to let go of all House-bound restrictions, this rather dark, rough and trippy Mix is the result. Contains tunes by Illum Sphere, Human League, Grauzone, Oppenheimer Analysis, Chris & Cosey, Privacy, Atom TM, The Soft Moon und Agent Side Grinder and others. Hit play!

Keinemusik Radio Show BPM 2016 Special – &ME B2B Adam Port B2B David Mayer 11.03.2016

This year we were at the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the second time and we enjoyed every minute of it. Not only that we got to spend a few days there together, with the sun shining on our bellies and the coconuts by hand. Also because we got to experience such a good night with our showcase, which had us buzzing many days thereafter.

For all of you who could not be there, for those of you who were there but do not want to forget and for those who simply have forgotten what they did that night, here is a cut of the recording with Adam Port, David Mayer and &ME B2B2B. Enjoy and hope to see yu again next time!

Reznik’s Pick Of The Week

Not one, not two, but four tuesday tunes at once. Homeboy Krause stuffed so many hits into his current Uncanny Valley EP, it’s hard to chose just one.

Keinemusik Snapshots January 2016 Recap Pt. 1

So here we are in the midst of March and we still got this round of snaps… but what’s wrong with a little recap?! Here are some BPM leftovers, some of our collected pictures and a big heap of Adam’s and &ME’s US-Tour. Part two later this week!

Adam’s Pick Of The Week

Recently I had another promo in my inbox from 2MR, the label of Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better & Troubleman Unltd) and Mike Sniper (Captured Tracks/Omnian Music Group). I am always happy to get their emails, since I really dig their A&Ring. So this time I was introduced to Kedr Livanskiy and his January Sun EP. The whole package is warmly recommended! This tune I picked as my favorite.

Keinemusik Radio Show by DJ Nomad of Africaine 808

DJ Nomad from Africaine 808 with a very special Radio Show contribution. Recording this Radio Show with just one Turntable, our Guest decidet to moderate every single Track. Its not a Smurf … Its DJ Nomad … Enjoy!

Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Rampa

Rampa’s first radio show after the techno-sabbath. What is to be expected? A journey through all fields of deepness, that touches such different poles as our just released KM031 and evergreens such as Peter Licht’s “Sonnendeck”. So get yourself some protection factor 0,5  and off you go!

NR& Spoken For EP ( KM031 ) OUT SOON

Almost exactly three years after NR&, a project uniting &ME’s and Rampa’s production with the voice of New York Disco-House-siren Nomi, dropped their debut EP, we finally can announce a new chapter in this ongoing transatlantic menage. This very “Spoken For” EP is comprised of two new tracks, that again fuse songwriting with floor-demands and showcase the same crackling and pulse quickening passion that instantly has become NR&’s trademark.

Vinyl preorder here KM Shop here or here

Release: February 12th, 2016

David Mayer x Traxsource Interview

While in Mexico at BPM, team Traxsource sat down with David Mayer to talk about his most newsworthy ‘Follow’ EP with NGHT DRPS on Audiomatique, his U.S. debut at Electric Pickle Miami and other things.

Find the full article on Traxsource.

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