MISBHV x Keinemusik Hoodie

Real life drop of the GTA5 collaboration with our friends at MISBHV. Heavy duty French terry organic mix custom-made cotton, embroidered and screen printed in the south of Poland. Today. Saturday, 11:00 Central European Time exclusively at misbhv.com

Let the Beach Mix transport you to an virtual island

‘Berlin, Berlin‘, curated by Highsnobiety, is a weekend-long virtual celebration of the city taking place January 22 to 24. We’ve teamed up with Highsnobiety for a litte special: Watch (or dance to) the ‚Beach Mix“ by Keinemusik – available for the first time outside of the GTA 5 Online update – in HD, full-length as of now exclusively via:

Keinemusik Radio Show by Sofie

Sofie’s foundations in DJing began at a Stones Throw hosted night called 56, which took place at the now defunct Mr T’s Bowl in Highland Park. From thereon she connected with Boiler Room, when they booked their first West Coast broadcast, and she was booked to open for Dam-Funk, J Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf. Sofie also hosts her own radio show on NTS, SOS Radio. Make sure to give her debut album a spin, Cult Survivor, which has been released on Stone Throw Records last year.

2020 Radio Recap

You know it, we know it, we are closing a year that was not that packed with euphoria (to put it mildly). One of the few upsides though: more time to work in the studio and also more time to do mixes. And to look back on our recent radio shows proves, it’s been a good year for DJ-mixes at least. We never had so many great guest contributions as in 2020. So thank you to Eli Escobar, Thandi Draai, UNKLE, Busy P, Katimi Ai, Joe Goddard, Lauren Faith, Dino Lenny, André Hommen, Öona Dahl, Jennifer Cardini, Enzo Elia, Jonathan Kaspar, Skinny Macho, La La, DJ Gigola, WhoMadeWho, Bell Towers, Nandu, Anton Klint and Curses for hosting shows and you for tuning in. Be sure to revisit this years batch of mixes whenever you feel the need shake some in those still clubless times….

GTA 5 – The Cayo Perico Heist featuring Keinemusik

Come party with us. 🏝 GTA The Cayo Perico Heist will be released Dec 15. Rampa, &ME and Adam Port are going to play a very special set.

Keinemusik at The Music Locker

We’re finally playing a show again. Come dance with us at our new residency “The Music Locker” in Los Santos later this month.

Keinemusik Radio Show by Thandi Draai

Thandi Draai is our special guest this week. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she’s a DJ, radio host and producer. Thandi Draai delivers an exclusive mix jam-packed with new music and the right amount of energy – tune in via link below.


You Need The Drugs (&ME Remix) is out now

Chances are, you’ve heard this new offering by &ME before. He installed it within his last touring months as one of his most sought after and unsuccessfully shazamed set-highlights. And then again, you know the source material, he is taking on, Westbam’s 2013 classic “You Need The Drugs” featuring Psychedelic Fur’s own Richard Butler.

Finally available for download and listening HERE.

Vinyl is available as of now via the KM SHOP.

Check out Johannes Böttge’s new book

Our friend Johannes, who did several merchandise designs for us, has a new project out. Here’s his introduction to it:

“My new reality reader “MATRIX FIVE – TWENTYSIX DIGITIAL BILLBOARDS” is a homage to 2020; a tribute to a digital billboard I came across this summer in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a visual commentary decontextualizing Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Massage – An Inventory of Effects“ (1967) and Jean Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation“ (1981). Both authors – from Canadian and French backgrounds respectively – discuss the manifestation and symbolism of modern media and culture, their shared existence, as well as their effects on reality, society, and consumerism. 2020 is underlining the relevance of their perspectives once again. Through repetition, seriality, indexicality, and referentiality, influenced by the ideas and creations of Edward Ruscha, MATRIX FIVE explores and challenges conceptual ideas of the photo series and artist book itself.”

52 pages, 7.5×9.5’’, 1-color risograph, edition of 50. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NIA Centre for the Arts, a Toronto-based charitable organization that supports, showcases, and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the Afro-Diaspora.

To order a copy click here.

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