GTA 5 – The Cayo Perico Heist featuring Keinemusik

Come party with us. 🏝 GTA The Cayo Perico Heist will be released Dec 15. Rampa, &ME and Adam Port are going to play a very special set.

Keinemusik at The Music Locker

We’re finally playing a show again. Come dance with us at our new residency “The Music Locker” in Los Santos later this month.

Keinemusik Radio Show by Thandi Draai

Thandi Draai is our special guest this week. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she’s a DJ, radio host and producer. Thandi Draai delivers an exclusive mix jam-packed with new music and the right amount of energy – tune in via link below.


You Need The Drugs (&ME Remix) is out now

Chances are, you’ve heard this new offering by &ME before. He installed it within his last touring months as one of his most sought after and unsuccessfully shazamed set-highlights. And then again, you know the source material, he is taking on, Westbam’s 2013 classic “You Need The Drugs” featuring Psychedelic Fur’s own Richard Butler.

Finally available for download and listening HERE.

Vinyl is available as of now via the KM SHOP.

Check out Johannes Böttge’s new book

Our friend Johannes, who did several merchandise designs for us, has a new project out. Here’s his introduction to it:

“My new reality reader “MATRIX FIVE – TWENTYSIX DIGITIAL BILLBOARDS” is a homage to 2020; a tribute to a digital billboard I came across this summer in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a visual commentary decontextualizing Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Massage – An Inventory of Effects“ (1967) and Jean Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation“ (1981). Both authors – from Canadian and French backgrounds respectively – discuss the manifestation and symbolism of modern media and culture, their shared existence, as well as their effects on reality, society, and consumerism. 2020 is underlining the relevance of their perspectives once again. Through repetition, seriality, indexicality, and referentiality, influenced by the ideas and creations of Edward Ruscha, MATRIX FIVE explores and challenges conceptual ideas of the photo series and artist book itself.”

52 pages, 7.5×9.5’’, 1-color risograph, edition of 50. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NIA Centre for the Arts, a Toronto-based charitable organization that supports, showcases, and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the Afro-Diaspora.

To order a copy click here.

Keinemusik Radio Show by UNKLE

We’re more than happy to host a brand new mix by James Lavelle aka UNKLE (James is the founder of iconic Mo Wax label).

“I wanted to do something that felt like a whole eclectic club night with the hour, I haven’t done a club mix for a while, so wanted to take it in that direction with a mixture of new and old cuts and a brand new UNKLE remix.”
– James Lavelle

Track IDs by &ME

The second part of the Track IDs series has been launched today and features a carefully curated playlist by &ME. Listen to over 60 songs hand-picked by Mr. &ME himself. Updated regulary. Tune in now.

&ME’s Track IDs

Keinemusik Radio Show by Pedro ‘Busy P’ Winter

Special delivery all the way from Paris – right in time for the weekend by Pedro ‚Busy P‘ Winter. The DJ, producer, art director, cool kid, and founder of Ed Banger, compiled a fine and exclusive mix filled with House classics. 💣

new in – the KM Tote Bag

Here’s a fine item to store all the newly copped records and similar essentials you’d like to carry around. Stone-washed black cotton with white logo stitching. Measurements 38 x 33 x 18 cm. Includes a button up pouch at the upper seam for coins, keys etc. 100% cotton, washable up to 40°. Handmade in Portugal.

This fine bag as well as a limited repress of the Peace Sign Cap are available now via the KM Shop (HERE).

Keinemusik Radio Show by Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard is a member of Hot Chip, songwriter, producer, DJ and remixer (he recently remixed Dua Lipa, Becker & Mukai and Groove Armada) and co-founder of the Greco-Roman label. Joe combines a thirst for experimentation, an instinctive understanding of the dancefloor and a love of left-of-centre pop music. In other words: we’re stoked to have him as a guest for the Keinemusik Radio.

Also make sure to check out the “Positive” remix of Hot Chip by Adam Port and Marcel Vogel.


Werkzeug II is still your best friend in the Corona era

To all of you who’ve missed it this far, to all of you who have locked yourselves in the studio, trying to make the sonically best those weird times, we just wanted to remind you that there’s Rampa’s Werkzeug II available in our shop, waiting for you to construct some amazing tunes around it. Have a listen here.

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