Reznik’s Pick Of The Week

The new Nick Cave record and it’s centre piece. Words don’t match up. Listening to this daily since it’s been out.

Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Marcel Vogel

MarcelVogel is a long time friend of ours and one of the most eclectic and versatile DJs. Not many people dig as deep as this guy to find the most precious unheard gems from the past. His Labels Lumberjacks in Hell is known as one of the best Labels when it comes to Disco Edits and with his second imprint Intimate friends he gives friends like Roman Rauch or NY*AK a platform but also released two genre bending EPs as Marcel Vogel.

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Visit Lumberjacks in Hell
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Keinemusik Radio Show 100 live at Else Berlin

This edition of the Keinemusik Radioshow is something very special. We just hit three digit territory.

We decided to do something special and gathered some friends around us and recorded live at ELSE in Berlin. Here is the recording! Thanks for the support!

&ME, Rampa, Reznik and Adam Port

Keinemusik Radio Show by Reznik

The ideal meteorological framework condition for Reznik’s new Radio Show would be torrid, sweat-stream-inducing summersun. We have to admit, we don’t see so much of it these days, but maybe we’ll get to it if you perform some shamanic sun-dance to this hour of deep ‘n’ muggy House-feeding.

Reznik’s Pick Of The Week

One of my favorite tunes off of the new Marquis Hawkes album. I also feel some of last weeks Barcelona vibes resonating in it. Sun!

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