Keinemusik Radio Show by Reznik 13.01.2017

We are in the second week of 2017 .. time for the first edition of our Keinemusik Radio Show this year. Wo could be better to start with, then our sexy vinyl head Reznik. A fine selection of grooving house tunes, taking you into the weekend. Enjoy

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Wichteln am Mittwoch

This year’s christmas party we had dumplings in towers and a lot of great gifts at the “Wichteln” (who does not know> But see yourself! Happy holidays and peaceful times and so on! Howdy, your keinemusikcrew

&ME’s pick of the week

Last day in the studio for me. Tomorrow there will just be christmas songs on repeat til nye. See you next year.

Moni’s Container am Mittwoch

It’s not sure, if the heating will ever work, but why waiting when you can renovate when it’s freezing cold?? This might be my new (hopefully warm) container studio one day. And the Keinemusik boys would be my neighbours. Above you can see the NOW and SOON status, and some steps in between.

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