RAR + David Mayer “Painkiller” Remixes OUT NOW


The EP format is the favorite format of Terranova. And most likely the EP will be followed by a remix-EP. So the “Painkiller EP” which was released in May now also has a remix-EP following in. Besides Kompakt Labelboss Michael Mayer also Rampa (this time with Re.You, together aka RAR) and David Mayer from our KM bootcamp are joining in as remixers again.

Vinyls and Downloads are now for sale. Check DEEJAY.DE und Beatport. As a side note, there is even something like a releaseparty, meaning nest Wednesday at the Boiler Room with Terranova themselves. Those who are not on the list can watch the live stream on www.boilerroom.tv, kick back and relax. Have a painless week!

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Keinemusik in Paris

&ME and David hit the city of love one day after Adam. While Porty had been pottering around at Social Club just the night before, the others could enjoy the pleasures of sightseeing fresh and well rested – including a visit to the Louvre. The evening continued perfectly tempered, although with a slightly heavy legged feeling on the way to Collectif DKO on the Bateau Concorde Atlantique, where not only some of the guests had difficulties to get aboard in the first place. The party went down under exceptional conditions and became a perfect upbeat for the Berlin-Paris connection. BIG FUN. See you again next time. And thanks again to the Collectif for the additional pictures.

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  1. &ME: awesome night guys !!!!! ...
  2. Gabriel / Collectif D.ko: Thank you for this party ! it was amazing and I'll see you very soon ;-) ...
  3. Gabriel / Collectif D.ko: Thank you for this party! it was amazing and I'll see you very soon;) ...

No Satisfaction @ Centre Pompidou

Wahrscheinlich die beste Coverversion die es gibt. Wer das Original nicht mehr hören kann, der sollte sich zum Centre Pompidou begeben und den netten Klängen lauschen. Leider hat der Akku nicht mehr für “No Woman No Cry” gereicht – dagegen hatte selbst Satisfaction keine Chance.

Probably the best coverversion yet. Those who got sick of the original should visit the Centre Pompidou and experience some new versions. Unfortunately my camera wasn‘t in the mood to tape the even better version of “No Woman No Cry”.

One Week In Paris Pictures

Von Bless über Bernhard Willhelm zu Terence Koh. Das waren die Stationen auf &ME‘s Parisreise. Ein Paar zu wenig für die Fashionweek – aber schliesslich musste ja noch gearbeitet werden. Zusammen mit Fetisch hat er die Musik zu Bernhard Willhelms SS2010 Frauenkollektion und der Mini-Oper vom New Yorker Künstler Terence Koh beigesteuert. Diese könnt ihr demnächst als Video hier auf dem Blog begutachten.

Bless, Bernhard Willhelm and Terence Koh. Those were some of the stops on &ME’s tour through Paris. Not enough to make it a fashion week, but there was work waiting to get done, too. Together with Fetish, he accounted for the music to go with Bernhard Willhelm’s SS2010 Woman’s collection and the Mini-Opera by artist Terence Koh from New York. Watch out for these pieces being presented here on this blog soon.

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