Keinemusik Radio Show by Reznik

Reznik back on Radio Show duties. We’re sensing a hint of reverence to Mr. Keith Haring on this one. Could be it has to do with Reznik sitting in front of a Keith Haring mural on the cover. Well anyway, it was Keith Haring’s birthday yesterday. RIP, brother. And now enjoy this flamboyant mix of uplifting beats.

Keinemusik Open Air at Else – Win Guestlist

It’s just 1,5 more weeks until our first Berlin event this year. We’re utterly excited, no joke. Just in case you’ve been living behind a palmtree over the last couple of weeks: date is May 14th. Location is Else. We’re starting at noon and we’ll be playing the whole day through, meaning &ME, Rampa, Adam Port and Reznik. After the sun has set, our friends from Riotvan – Peter Invasion and Jennifer Touch – will take over for the nightshift. We hope to see you there. Let’s make it easy. Win 2×2 spots on our guestlist. Just write an e-mail with the subject „Open Else“ to Good luck!

More info: FB RA