KM036 Vinyl is out now!

If you want to play Adam’s new release aka the “Ganesha Song” EP before anybody else and in the old fashioned way, then this is for you. Two weeks prior the official release, you can get the vinyl version of Adam’s KM036 in our shop and via Muting The Noise exclusively. Get a glimpse based on the snippets below and warm up your record player.

A-Side “Ganesha Song”

B-Side Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo – “Senhor Doutor (Adam Port Edit)”

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Throwback Thursday

Rampa is spending some well deserved downtime on Bali right now. So that he won’t be missed over here too much, let’s have a look back on what the brother has been up to over the last couple years.

Remember the tune he named after his dog from back home? That was KM029.

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Snapshot Special – Betriebsausflug zu R.A.N.D. Muzik

A couple of days ago we did this little trip to Leipzig, to visit our pressing plant R.A.N.D. Muzik. We must say, it was a notably insightful and interesting visit. Big up to Enning and Sven who showed and explained basically everything that is part of the pressing process. Shit, maybe with all that knowledge, we’ll do this ourselves from now on! But seriously, great folks, great company. This is how the whole thing went down.

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Keinemusik Radio Show by Adam Port

Sun is out, weekend is on, Adam is calling the tune with his new Radio Show. A fine selection as always, but also highlighting his upcoming “Ganesha Song” EP on Keinemusik. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday

As long as if you’re not living under a rock, you might have heard some of the tunes, this guys has been delivering over the last years. But maybe you are living under a rock. So let’s just have a throwback to &ME’s last offerings…
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