Workparty Three OUT NOW!

Sie ist raus! Als heiß ersehnten und lange angekündigten dritten Teil unserer Crewsampler Serie gibt es ab heute die “Workparty Three” im Handel. Ob Vinyl oder digital, wende dich an den Dealer deines Vertrauens und ab dafür. Viel Spaß dabei, wir freuen uns mit!!

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It’s on! From today on the long awaited sequel to our crewsampler series “Workparty Three” will be in trade. Wether you want to touch it in the form of black gold or if you prefer to have it on your HD, just consult the dealer of your trust and there you go. We’re really happy and hope you will be too. Enjoy!!

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DJ Feedback selection:

Karotte – “This is a nice workparty. ☺ Love all the 3 tracks. This guys are on fire like always!!!”

Monika Kruse – “Great compilation again from Keinemusik. &Me, Adam, Rampa and David, what else can you wish?”

Matthias Tanzmann – “This is another GREAT release from Keinemusik! Gonna play a bunch!”

Basti – (Tiefschwarz) – “Sauber – weitermachen *** 10 points!! ☺”

Mark Fanciulli – “Full support on this release, Keinemusik crew on top form as always…..look forward to playing this weekend!”

Timo Mass – “More great work from Adam and his crew, as usual!! ☺ Support!”

Robert Dietz – “Ganz großes tennis! ALL tracks right for my set… Excellent!!”

Gregor Tresher – “Big package, Adam’s track my fav on first listen, &Me and David Mayer tracks great as well, will play…. a LOT!”

Till von Sein – “Rampa and Hollis do it for me!! Wicked jam and dope vox!!”

Josh Wink – “This is a great ep guys! Good music all around!! Go Hollis! ☺”

Okain – “Awesome release. I can’t get enough of &Me at moment! He did it again on this one. I really dig Jewels as well. Will play both for sure.”

Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “Very cooool music – especially from this new guy called Rampa ☺”

Ray Okpara – “Drums On Parade and Jewels are big favs!! Definitely playing these out!! ☺”

Riva Starr – “BANG BANG BANG! Hard to pick my fave here, because all the tracks have flavour and substance. Keinemusik keeps on releasing the goods, POW!!”

Edu – (Vicious Magazine Spain) – “Great work from Keinemusik!! Love it!”

Delete – (Fur Coat) – “Rampa and Hollis P!! Super nice vibes, gonna play it out right now!”

Dyed Soundorom – “Just an awesome ep! Love the Jewels and Everless.”