Win the Keinemusik Handtuch + a game of UNO

Win the Keinemusik Handtuch + a game of UNO

The Keinemusik Handtuch entered our shop not very long ago and we hope it fulfills its purpose for all of you lucky buyers 😉 But, of course, although we are very proud of it and due to the design by Monja Gentschow it could also go as wall tapestry, we will not keep all of them for ourselves.

Will you be relaxing in the park this summer? Or even going somewhere?! Our preparations for the OFF week in Barcelona are in full effect, like all the important things like getting a pre tan and practicing UNO… there’s a party on Thursday June 18th and we will be more than ready. But how about you?

Wherever you spend your time this summer, you will need a towel. Here is your chance to win a Keinemusik Handtuch. But not only that. If you are planning to be in Barcelona for the OFF week or maybe you even have tickets for our Keinemusik OFF Showcase at Warehouse 1, why not just join us for a game of UNO at the beach, too!

So, if you are the Hantuch winner and if you even happen to be around for the OFF week, we would be happy to hand it to you in person and sit down with us at the beach for a little game! And beware, UNO skills alert 😉 Just maybe don’t forget to mention wether you are planning to visit us in Barcelona next week and use a real email adress for your comment… but anyway, wether in Barcelona or not, the winner will be drawn as always, informed via email and announced next tuesday afternoon. Game on… UNO!


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