Westbam - You Need The Drugs &ME Remix

Chances are, you’ve heard this new offering by &ME before. He installed it within his last touring months as one of his most sought after and unsuccessfully shazamed set-highlights. And then again, you know the source material, he is taking on, Westbam’s 2013 classic “You Need The Drugs” featuring Psychedelic Fur’s own Richard Butler.

While the original is the utmost hymnal embodiment of that desolate, yet somewhat glorious afterhour exhaustion, many of us know all too well, &ME’s take comes off as a preservation of that intense emotive sentiment of the tune in conjunction with an amplified floor-suited effectiveness. It shows in the beat, flexing a bit more muscle, in that simplified and more present bassline and in the overall dynamic arrangement. &ME takes the tune out of the car stereo of a 7 am cab-ride back into the club, right on a sweat-drenched and jam packed dancefloor, so to say.