With Keinemusik’s catalogue No. 48, the rather attentive observer of the label’s operation might spot some changes, in and outside the record. It is the first vinyl EP-release that comes neatly packaged in a full-blown cardboard-sleeve, to give the artwork a bit more room to breathe. Then next to Adam Port, who is handing in this release, there’s quite an
illustrious round of feature- and remix-guests on this record.

Adam lays down the original of “XXXX” as a relaxed, loop-based, post-peak-, afterhour-suited styler containing mesmerizing synth-parts, organic bassplay and instantly catchy melodies. Setting the tone just right to bring Mr. DJ Assault into play who is launching into a rather unambiguous, well let’s say raunchy pick up monologue, aimed at an imaginary character he’s catching sight of in the club. A vocal topping that’s cut just right for this tune, rich of bristling sensual tension.

The B-side sees Chicago House-connoisseur and Twirl Recordings co-owner Alinka redo the original in a more straightened out fashion, implementing a thick and heavy bassline, an energy boosting beat and rave triggering synth