Rampa - Trust

Rampa - Entropie

Rampa - Defiled

Rampa - Headsup

Looking back over the Keinemusik portfolio, seeing all that Rampa has created for the collective, is it any wonder that all and any new material from the label boss receives every ounce of our trust. A trust that lends its name to his latest offering. A four track EP. Each a different story to tell. Making this a hella versatile record.

It opens with the title track, the floor-mantra within this bunch. A ruminant groove, backed by lifting and dropping notes, launching a catchy synth-figure and adding up layers until all tension drops into a break that’s as curative as a therapy session. A track that, out of unshakable serenity, unleashes an irresistible energy. Trust.

Entropie comes closest to what we might be consider a Rampa classic. Percussive loops that are scooped up within even more banging and clanking – check. Lurking synth-bass in the back – check. Vocal samples with tribal descent – double check. Generally, you’ll find a whole lot of folklore in this rhythm rich affair, that is continuously jazzing up to highest levels of ecstasy.

The flipside opens with Defiled, led by a prominent synthline, that goes through various filter highs and lows, getting bludgeoned by some vigorously swung claps. Raw, naked floor material lacking any flourish, that seems to fire up a jackhammer during the break.

Headsup concludes the set. Triggering the smell of watered sidewalks, lit only by flickering neon light, immersed in the depths of delay, this late-night-story finds some redemption and warmth within the glow of its soulful vocal samples.