David Mayer - Sunhole

David Mayer - Lead

With David Mayer’s share of keinemusik’s current Workparty edition still providing solid fuel for heated clubfloors, he already shovels two fresh loads into the furnace.
KM021 has just surfaced in a moment when electrified Techno-music seems to drown in an ocean of preset-dullness. Well, Mayer has come to provide a rescue tool with his Sunhole on side A.

You’ll recognize this somewhat trademark-becoming percussive fetish of Mayer as this track’s Modus Operandi. Yet, it has rarely been as detailed and surgically implemented as in this banger. What’s that – a second hand ticking? And over there – is it a woodpecker in the field? Sunhole supplies all the answers in a thumping, yet no friskiness avoiding manner. You’ll get a stoically rolling beat, asphalting the floor, to build a cannonproof foundation for this arrangement’s main attraction – a filtered and delay-heavy synth-affair.

Flip around and find a competitive jamboree of subtle background-brainwaves other would straightaway use as lead-ideas for their tracks. Well, this matchingly titled Lead comes in with a hard hitting kick and gets into the groove via filter-rides to peak into clanking noisy Industrial-thunder that immediately will electrify every steel-toe in hearing range. Generally: only roughness in this cut, crispy bounce and ghostly whispers all over. Most definitely for the win, this double broadside.