Sunday EP

Sunday EP

Rampa - Sunday

Rampa - Purge

It’s been a while since Rampa aimed for collective affection, providing “The Touch”. His current “Sunday” EP, counting as the Keinemusik catalogue number KM045, somehow continues this sort of sonic caress.

You’ll need just a few bars of the title track to feel warmly embraced by wistful chords, crackling hihats, sultry field recordings and a thick bass drum. Then let a dainty synth bass lead the way and welcome that tiny, yet instantly catchy melody to the mix. That would be the track’s utmost affecting foundation that will be counteracted by percussive elements here and there, led through suspense curves by heading into moments of urgency and serenity in equal measure and grow to a floorfiller of the rather subtle kind.

“Purge” on the B-side is ramping things up. Staccato notes meet a precisely built patchwork of percussion and atmosphere, setting a scenario of anticipation that’ll boost its pull as soon as a mighty synth-hook comes into play. It’s like stepping forth and back, flexing and releasing, lurking and breaking cover, increasing tension with every minute, fuelling expectation of a relieving drop that indeed will resolve the pent-up tension in an effective, yet stylish way.