&ME - Shallow

&ME - Heist

Clear calls on KM019 on behalf of &ME. You’ll find heavy pounding floorchunks on this plate, rigid material, requiring blood soaked dancing shoes. Boulders of tracks, smashing every hint of Techhouse-dinkiness, every little melody and every other imaginable fal la la. Take A-side “Shallow” as an example. God knows where that name stems from, you’ll hardly find any shallowness in here. Highly arousing, this surge of subbass, about to flood everything redundant out of this tune. Electrifying, this very kickdrum, on it’s rough and relentless march. Impressive, how those percussive patterns are layered. Leaving no brainwave unswitched, that hook-sonar, transmitting into space, making the ultimate rave locatable.

And then there is “Heist” on the flip, presenting a kick that is about to give out face-slaps all the time, sporting snare-samples like whiplashs, adding some freewheeling break-banging to kill every remaining inhibition, and putting a mono-flourish into place as the ultimate signal to let yourself go. Any questions? Well, the answer will always be: Just because.