Newborn Soul

Newborn Soul

Rampa - Newborn Soul


It’s been just a few months ago, Rampa carved his last EP-notch into the Keinemusik-release-tally. But here he goes again, delivering his second KM-offering this year, an almost prophetically headlining track called “Newborn Soul”.

This tune virtually is the score to the current situation of its creator. A lurking, tension building piece that’s coping without a kickdrum for more than 50 % of it’s running time, just to place it in floor-shaking boost in the exact perfect moment. A percussion and synth- flavoured build-up somewhere between tool-characteristics and stylish peaktime-emphasis, that’s rising like phoenix from the ashes.

“Mascha” on the flip can be appreciated as a classic Rampa. Analogue sounding, washed out intro, irresistible tribal-grooves including analogue filter and delay-rides, percussive cushioning and folkloristic chants that will invoke nothing else but rowdy floor-ecstasy in this context.