Rampa, Adam Port, &ME - Muyè (Black Coffee Remix)

Ring the alarm, this is round two of the “You Are Safe” remix series. Key figure in this edition of re-shaping the original material of Keinemusik’s first collaborative album ever: none other than Black Coffee. Over the last season, he already invited the Keinemusik clique over to his Ibiza residency, so it makes perfect sense to consolidate those bonds even more with this project.

This is actually a conjunction of big names. Black Coffee – obviously. But also his choice of source material. He’s going for “Muye”, as it turns out, one of the most popular tunes of the “You Are Safe” album. Black Coffee is upping the ante on this track, loosen up its rather laid back nature, letting an impelling bass and a harshly rotating synth taking the lead while things are taking shape. A boost of energy that contrasts forcefully with the highly emotive, piano driven breakdown, the track is submerging in. But then coming back in pure bliss, merging the floor-opt and delicate elements of the arrangement into an ecstatic finale. Flawless peaktime fodder, for sure.