I Never Wear Black

I Never Wear Black

Adam Port - I Never Waer Black

E Sound Edit

With an ever increasing back catalogue under his belt, would anyone still assume, Adam Port’s next creative steps are easy to predict? Au contraire! Here’s his new Keinemusik release you hadn’t reckoned with. This very “I Never Wear Black” EP shows him changing tune drastically and that in the true sense of the word.

Just have a closer listen to the A-side “I Never Wear Black”. You’ll discover those metallic sounds of straining strings, that he’ll group with layers of shakersounds and a guitar loop that one can read as expression of Port’s interest in Progrock and Balearic history. A loop that will pluck whole dancefloors into trance-like condition. Port goes for the big effect through minor means. No vocals, manageable arsenal, no overreacted break-hysteria and still a dense, vibrant and ecstasy triggering ride stretching over more than seven minutes.

“E Sound Edit” on the flip presents a quite similar feeling. Once again, Port is aiming for analogue grip und implies all the splinters of sound that come naturally when carving out a vital piece of music. “E Sound Edit” is far from perfectly tared, sterile soundslickness. There is hot blood running through all those latin samples, the swinging piano and the recurring use of guitar and surely its vibe will not only get a floor moving, but also bring about broad grins to many faces.