Doppelgänger 01

Doppelgänger 01

Adam Port - I Never Wear Black (Simple Symmetry Remix)

&ME - One On One feat. Fink (Bedouin Remix)

Rampa - Newborn Soul (Redshape Remix)

For the first time in label history, Keinemusik is putting out an EP with just remixes. The moniker for this: Doppelgänger. The reason for this: Well, we like remixes and were curious to find out how other artists, artists that we appreciate a lot, would approach our material. Why now, you might ask. Why wait for the catalogue number KM038? See, we just wanted to offer those guys a decent pool of tracks to choose from.

Simple Symmetry are going for Adam Port’s “I Never Wear Black” on Side A, transforming the original into a dramatic ride through gong echoing frenzy and riff-heavy e-guitar emphasis. The original’s guitar lead on the other hand gets some synthetic treatment, just to be backed up by spaced out synth melodies and an organic bassline.

The second chapter sees &ME’s and Fink’s gruelling comedown score “One On One” turn into a meditation over groove, courtesy of Bedouin. The guys are going for a sparse, sophisticated arrangement, opening space for Fink’s shattered croon, yet raising the temperature after the break into a threatening, string-laden climax.

The closing assignment is handled by Redshape. He’s repositioning Rampa’s “Newborn Soul” through his very own dark recourse on Electro-Techno. The producer enigma even more so adds some EBM flavour to his signature sound, incorporating a catchy synth bass and heavy, stomping beat. Floor quaking material indeed.