Do You Still Think Of Me?

Do You Still Think Of Me?

Adam Port - Do You Still Think Of Me?

Adam Port - Roots Edit

It’s been a while since we put out the last Keinemusik solo EP. But here we are. After “You Are Safe”, the longplay joint venture of all the Keinemusik fellas and a whole lot of people remixing that very material, here’s a new two-tracker showcasing what’s going on these days in Adam Port’s sphere of interest.

On the A-side, Adam is aiming for a rather sentimental temper. Did the tracktitle “Do You Still Think Of Me” give that away already? Well… wait until you sink into affection when kissed by that main piano-theme over and over again. It’s an effective, never overcomplex array of elements, building the narration of this tune. It’s crackling background noise, the call and response of shaker and tambourine, the tension triggering synth-notes and of course the minor chords making this an instantly catchy sunset scoring.

On the flip, Adam is following up his knack for everything that’s tribal. Find heavy Capoeira leanings in “Roots Edit”. But make no mistake, there is no tonal trigger to fight in this arrangement, but an immediate trigger to bathe whole floors in unfettered elation.