David Mayer - Moment

David Mayer - Word is Bond

David Mayer is back with a bang. You might remember his last productions as downright atmospheric and in touch with one or another nerdy fixation on detail, well, those new cuts point to the place where elation is boiled up, more than anything he did before. The A1, named “Moment” is still keeping it a bit low key. If youʼd actually translate this piece of music into a moment, itʼd look like the one Ridley Scott presented us in “American Gangster”. With Frank Lucas being placed in some wooden hut in the outback of the Golden Triangle, dealing the deal of his life, sharply calculating within a mind clouding climate. With fantasy, youʼll hear the jungleʼs deepness and the vibrant heat beside the kickdrum. It is a percussive, hypnotic floor-monument, surely obsessed with detail, but above all keeping the balance between deep- and straightness.

But still, it is also a build-up for those things happening on B1. Safe to say, “Word Is Bond” is Mayers least compromising peaktime arrangement to date. Youʼll find a hard punching kickdrum, some sound-turned chrome-finish, type ʻtechno classicʼ, two compelling breaks and some full on melodic catchiness via keyboard-hook. It is the enhancement of everything you used to praise when hearing his work. And when the vocalsample claims a delivery of the “real shit”, the constitution of this pumping monster wonʼt fail to honour this pledge at any moment.