Thanks to &ME’s latest and quite attention getting contributions to the Keinemusik catalogue, there might be certain speculation in the air about what contentual path his upcoming material might chose. Well, speculate no more, the new tracks are in.

In a reading group one might sum it up like this: “Avalon”, the A-side, could be read as a crossover of “The Mists Of Avalon”, “The Tin Drum” and “The Jungle Book”. Rendered into club-lingo, that means: profoundly filtered tribal drums and a feverish haze of noise evoke a certain tropical vibe that is whipped up by the snaredrum frenzy of a hyperactive marching-band-leader. Highly energetic stuff leading into a soothing break of heavenly voices, sounding as if Guinevere herself is yearning for the next mighty drumroll to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. This fragile melodic insertion aside, you won’t find many sentimental concessions on this tune, yet an irresistibly pounding floor-appeal.

You might rather shed a tear of joy on the flipside. You’ll definitely find “The Rapture” on there, consisting of standing notes, keyed in synth-accents and consolidating synth-layers held together by piano-chords that perfectly are resonating the sense of pleasure, after the peal of peaktime-thunder has faded away from the floor.