After Dark

After Dark

&ME - After Dark

&ME - Locust

Catalognumber 23 – what else is to say? While we’re feeling the spirit of William S. Burroughs blessing this very vinyl-enigma, &ME went particularly mysterious ways to transcend the category ‘dance track’ for this one.

The meditation through bass had been the major discipline of some of his latest cuts, but what you’ll find on this A-side, one could certainly call the perfection of somnambulistic peaktime-fever. The way he’s kneading the lower frequencies, how he’s channeling the expansion and decay of bass must inevitably lead to some aroused moaning. Good vocal-selection, for that matter! Then there are those tension building synths and a staccato-frenzy in the break that might be the ultimate ecstasy-trigger of the season.

“Locust” on B comes in with some smoothly looped E-guitar-coolness, adding whispering hi-hats and a comparatively rich percussive architecture. But then again: rolling bass barrels like a signature and a defence breaking build up that’s ensued by liberating pressure compensation in mighty breaks.
Two demonstrations of understated and sophisticated peaktime-emphasis, so to say. Or differently put: a flawless double-A-side.