Someone To Love

Someone To Love

Adam Port - Someone To Love

Adam Port - I Love You (Vinyl Only)

The realisation of KM013 – a catalogue number that might cause suspicion here and there – is up to the always unerring Adam Port. But no need for superstition: this single is indeed a definite lucky pull.

Port is pressing every button here, he’s hinting at his percussion-fetish, he’s cutting the vocals like a top chef, he’s amplifying the snare when it is supposed to give the audience this little extra kick and he’s coming up with an unexpected surf-lick, to spice things up with some extra coolness. In “Someone to Love”, soulfulness and peaktime-suitability are melted that consistently, that the addressed search for love will be an easy one within the next months. Love can be found on all the floors, this sureshot will be pumped on.

B1 is rounding up this almost thematic release quite perfectly. It is Port’s renowned “I Love You”, that has been winning hearts already in its digital form on Souvenir Music. From now on, it can be even touched, it can be gently put on a turntable and adored in all its physicalness.