Adam Port - Chemistry

Adam Port - Chemistry (Catz ‘n Dogs & Till von Sein Remix

Ports last effort „Boogie Bass“ is still to be found in every tastefully stuffed DJ-bag, his remix for the new Tiefschwarz-Single “Trust” is much anticipated and right here he’s coming along with a new cut called „Chemistry“ – his debut for Keinemusik. The ones that discovered him with the last one will have to discover even more on here. The ones that are following him for a while now will be affirmed in what they already know: His name is Adam Port and he plays House.

A1: Side one holds the original. Countless percussive details and the jazzy vibe that was introduced with „Boogie Bass“ are playfully arranged around a thick and concise bassline. They are just waiting for sex-laden vocals that will assure, this is not only a groovemonster, but a deep and soulful and catchy tune that won’t leave your ears for days. It never gets predictable, though. It’s blending an elaborate dramaturgy with peaktime-efficiency, that’s just not to be mistaken.

B1: The Catz ‘n Dogs & Till von Sein-Remix on the B-side is pushing even harder towards floor-frenzy. It chops most of the percussive arabesque, cuts the vocalsamples to staccato-pieces and leaves a Techhouse-groove that’s sneaking towards a snare drum that finally will tear every club to pieces. Immediately, that is.

B2: Beatport Exclusive