Check out Johannes Böttge’s new book

Our friend Johannes, who did several merchandise designs for us, has a new project out. Here’s his introduction to it:

“My new reality reader “MATRIX FIVE – TWENTYSIX DIGITIAL BILLBOARDS” is a homage to 2020; a tribute to a digital billboard I came across this summer in Saskatchewan, Canada, and a visual commentary decontextualizing Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Massage – An Inventory of Effects“ (1967) and Jean Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation“ (1981). Both authors – from Canadian and French backgrounds respectively – discuss the manifestation and symbolism of modern media and culture, their shared existence, as well as their effects on reality, society, and consumerism. 2020 is underlining the relevance of their perspectives once again. Through repetition, seriality, indexicality, and referentiality, influenced by the ideas and creations of Edward Ruscha, MATRIX FIVE explores and challenges conceptual ideas of the photo series and artist book itself.”

52 pages, 7.5×9.5’’, 1-color risograph, edition of 50. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NIA Centre for the Arts, a Toronto-based charitable organization that supports, showcases, and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the Afro-Diaspora.

To order a copy click here.