New Radio Show by Adam Port

It’s been a good year for our little series we call the Keinemusik radio. With Sandrino, Rainer Trüby, Culoe De Song, Yotam Avni, Justin Strauss (to name a few) we had some amazing guests on the radio show. Special thank you! to you, our listeners. Many thanks for tuning in – it really means the world to us.

The very first mix of this year comes by mister Adam Port – tune in via the link below or click on SHOW RADIO. Enjoy!

Chiara Noriko is safe

In our little series about the cameos on “You Are Safe”, here’s part two, starring Chiara Noriko, the voice on “Up And Down”

What’s your story:
Growing up in a musical family, music has always played a big role in my life as far as I remember. After practising classical music for about 10 years I discovered and got into different genres and styles and singing became my main focus in life. In 2015 I moved to London to focus on my musical career after 10 years of living in Berlin.

How did you come up with the name?
Back then my mom considered naming me “Chiara”. One day she told me and I loved it so I started calling myself Chiara. “Noriko” is my middle name. And now it’s Chiara Noriko.

What people need to know about you?
People need to understand how much I love Food. Call me Natto Noriko.

Projects coming up?
Collaborative EP with Skye Chai!

What people shouldn’t know about you?
How fast I down a bottle of Yellow Tail.

Check out Chiara on Facebook Instagram Soundcloud

New Radio Show by Tunnelvisions

Great to have Tunnelvisions as our special and last year guests on Keinemusik radio — mix is on air now.
Make sure to check out their ‘Midnight Voyage’ as well!

You Are Safe X-Mas Raffle

Ho ho ho, as we are (at least for the label) are closing a good and exciting year, we want to say thank you by giving away this big bundle of goodies, featuring the You Are Safe album, the shark sweater in XL, the scarf and the totebag. We’ll be announcing the winner on Dec. 24th and send the goodies shortly after. To enter, just write an email with the subject “Safe Forever” to

Colette Closing

After 20 years in business, Colette Paris, the nerve centre of style, is closing its doors today forever. We say thank you for the support on our records over the last years and we’ll miss you.

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