Radio Show by Reznik

New Radio Show by Reznik that incorporates sun induced vibes, hip loosen rhythms, plenty hormones and even some deep shit. Just unbutton your pants and hit play.

Moni am Mittwoch


&ME: Hey Monja, can you bring my “America Weekender” Dates on paper somehooooow? thanks!

ME: yes. somehow.



KM back at ADE Oct. 20th

Polish your clogs, we’re coming back to Amsterdam and Chicago Social Club. After it’s been amazingly good fun last year, we’re more than excited to do this again. Mark your calendars!
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Moni am Mittwoch

As this weeks peek at Monjas workdesk, here’s a draft that didn’t make it onto the next release. More info on that very release soon…

Keinemusik Radio Show by Sandrino

Exclusive and special radio show by Sandrino is live (right in time for the weekend). It’s a two-house-long special, which has been recorded live at Fiction Sunset Cruise NYC. Pure bliss!
Listen on Soundcloud.

Sandrino will be playing at the Keinemusik ‘Hand in Hand’ open air at Else, September 3rd.
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Reznik’s Tuesday Tune

Title and vibe of this song should speak for themselves. This is what summer hits are like in 2017. Fun fact: Erol Alkan produced the new Ride album, which is kinda mind boggling. It is a great record, by the way, can’t stop listening…

The Keinemusik Slipmat is back!

Have you lost control over your records recently? Won’t they slip properly? Well, worry no more, our slipmat is back on stock. Completely redesigned by Monja Gentschow. But fabricated in the usual thick quality.
Find them now in our shop.

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