2020 Radio Recap

You know it, we know it, we are closing a year that was not that packed with euphoria (to put it mildly). One of the few upsides though: more time to work in the studio and also more time to do mixes. And to look back on our recent radio shows proves, it’s been a good year for DJ-mixes at least. We never had so many great guest contributions as in 2020. So thank you to Eli Escobar, Thandi Draai, UNKLE, Busy P, Katimi Ai, Joe Goddard, Lauren Faith, Dino Lenny, André Hommen, Öona Dahl, Jennifer Cardini, Enzo Elia, Jonathan Kaspar, Skinny Macho, La La, DJ Gigola, WhoMadeWho, Bell Towers, Nandu, Anton Klint and Curses for hosting shows and you for tuning in. Be sure to revisit this years batch of mixes whenever you feel the need shake some in those still clubless times….