Werkzeug by Rampa
39,00 EUR

Rampa - Werkzeug II Demo

Here’s the 2nd installment of our sample pack Werkzeug, this time assembled by Rampa. His idea: to pool the best loops, one shots and sounds he collected over the years to form an authentic and extensive library. The focus within is on percussive elements, not melodies, on dirty and raw bits of atmosphere and noise. Most samples intentionally have been shaped in incoherent lengths and volumes; they’ve been recorded in different rooms and different qualities – to make things a bit more adventurous and let accidents add the extra twists that are just not calculable. You’ll find synthetic sounds as well as organic ones, mixed material and raw stuff. Just the type of sonic matter that evokes the magic in-between grids. Artwork by Monja Gentschow.

Specs: WAV; 44.1 kHz; 24 Bit; Stereo; 618 Files; 1,23 GB; Loop speed: 123 bpm

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