Weekend Snapshots Roundup #10 – BCN Special


In a group of 7 we spent 6 days in Barcelona around the Off Sónar weekend, enjoying the sun, some parties and, of course, our favorite spots in the Barceloneta area, such as the Bóde sandwhich corner, the La Cassola streetfood place or the one and only café Santa Marta. The grand finale was our party with Techno Taverna at the W Hotel… thank you Stassy for having us! Here our snapshots -> -> ->

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Weekend Snapshots

What a weekend! This time our snapshots come from Montpellier, London and Torino… we are starting into the new week with a big smile, saying mille, mille grazie, thank you et merci!!!

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Adam at Cocoon

Today I’ll play at Cocoon in good old Frankfurt! Sharing the floor with my homie Stassy and Siopis of Get Physical. Big Fun!!!

Heartthrob x &ME @ ZPYZ Pictures

Das wars. Das war das letzte mal Techno Taverna in diesem Jahr. Wer jetzt noch sagt, dass die Griechen nichts mit elektronischer Musik am Hut haben, der lügt – Die Malaka Wasted Youth sind voll drin.

That was it, the last Techno Taverna in this year. Saying that Greeks don’t know about electronic musik would be a plain lie – The Malaka Wasted Yout has got it going on.

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