Rampa’s “Newborn Soul” EP is out now!


Rampa made himself scarce recently. But when it comes to the essential, in other words: the music, he is more present then ever. With the just now released KM029, his “Newborn Soul” EP, he’s dropping already the second release on Keinemusik this year. It is now digitally available here:


We’re expecting the vinyls later this week. But you can already pre-order here:

KM Shop

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  1. El Spoon: Für die Mukke bezahle ich gerne den einen Euro! Rampas Lieder rocken einfach nur, jedes einzelne!! ...

David’s Pick Of The Week

I played this Tuesday Tune for the first time last weekend and I liked it a lot:
Fort Romeau – Cloche (Tuff City Kids Disco Mix), erschienen auf Spectral Sound.