Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Adam Port

Keinemusik-Radio-Show-by-Adam-Port-22.05.2015 COVER 2

A long weekend has just started. The need for an extra substantial radio show is obvious. You can count on Mr. Port for that matter, who just handed in this mix that is bangin’ in the truest sense of the word.

Exclusive: Adam Port’s Free Stattbad Dub of “I Never Wear Black” plus some thoughts about what is going on

As an exclusive addition to his “I Never Wear Black EP”, Adam Port just finished the “Free Stattbad Dub” version of the original. You can listen above and get it here.

While floating adrift in this delay-drenched groove, we indeed feel a melancholy that’s induced by the choice of the title. The current incident around Stattbad should be well known by now. If not, read about it here. We call the Stattbad our home. No matter how this ongoing process will turn out, no matter if we can stay here or for how long. Just the imagination, not running into the crew of the house in Stattbar and having a fresh juice with them or two or never again going down to the basement on wednesdays, seeing what the boiler room has to offer or never again playing one of their floors ourself ever again, makes us tremendously sad.

Off Week Podcast Part 3


The countdown to our party at off week Barcelona is showing 30 days exactly. Good point in time to fire out part 3 of our little podcast series to get in an appropriate mindset. This time in the mix: Rampa. Enjoy!

Get your tickets for Keinemusik @ Off Week here.