Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Reznik

150703_Keinemusik Radio Show

It’s pretty easy these days to get all sweaty. Even if you’re just lying around somewhere, apathetically and motionless. With his current contribution to the Radio Show-series, Reznik made the best possible effort to get your sweat glands to maximum output. To this effect, he handed in this very sound-turned interpretation of heat flickering, sun-heavy climate. Pants down, volume up!

&ME “Trilogy EP” (KM028) OUT SOON

2015-07-10-KM028-BLOG 800px

With his last EP offering on Keinemusik, &ME displayed himself once again as supplier of anthems that easily reconcile style with

general floor purpose. You would think, such an universal and inexhaustible tune as this very “After Dark” can only be a lucky hit. But

no, he’s knocking out the classic material just like that. Another example? Catalog number KM028, his brandnew “Trilogy” EP.

The titletrack on A initially places a synth arpeggio behind a kick that in dryness is hardly to excel. The beat of “Trilogy” is then

seasoned with rimshot patterns until the saturated bassdrum comes in and paves the way to the dancefloor. &ME even refines his

knack for stoic grooves on this jam and once again shows his sure feeling for suitable vocal features. Sabotas croon comes devoid of

big gestures and still knows the ropes to appeal to the collective mentality of a clubcrowd.

On the flipside, “Woods” is living up to its name from the very beginning. Woody percussions are thumping within an almost

subtropical scenario that’s frequently pervaded by mighty synth clouds. And once again, there’s an arpeggio sneaking in that at some

point is taking the lead in this strictly instrumental affair. Add a break building that will educe a floor’s complete euphoric potential

without going for the rather mindless escalation and there you have it: a B-side that’s actually more of an A-competitor.

Release: July 10th 2015!

Keinemusik Snapshots – Barcelona 2015 Special


The fifth year in a row we all spent some quality time in Barcelona, enjoying the good life at the Barceloneta beach and having a little party. The weather was ace again this time, the spirits were high and the week was crowned by a great night at our showcase at Warehouse 1. We sincerely thank all of you who took part, Dia and the whole WIP team for giving us the best time!

Taken from our OFF Week 2015 picture book, here are some Snapshots.

Find more pictures from the party HERE.

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