Rampa – Newborn Soul EP (KM029) out SEP 8th 2015


It’s been just a few months ago, Rampa carved his last EP-notch into the Keinemusik-release-tally. But here he goes again, delivering his second KM-offering this year, an almost prophetically headlining track called “Newborn Soul”.
This tune virtually is the score to the current situation of its creator. A lurking, tension building piece that’s coping without a kickdrum for more than 50 % of it’s running time, just to place it in floor-shaking boost in the exact perfect moment. A percussion and synth- flavoured build-up somewhere between tool-characteristics and stylish peaktime-emphasis, that’s rising like phoenix from the ashes.
“Mascha” on the flip can be appreciated as a classic Rampa. Analogue sounding, washed out intro, irresistible tribal-grooves including analogue filter and delay-rides, percussive cushioning and folkloristic chants that will invoke nothing else but rowdy floor-ecstasy in this context.

Release: September 8th, 2015

Keinemusik Openair Weekend Snapshots


As a highligt of our summer and of this blogcategory, here are the long awaited snapshots from our first own Keinemusik openair in Berlin, August 2nd 2015.

It was a great day with you, the sun and the bass. We thank all of you who took part and we are already looking forward to repeat and take it to the next level next year!

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