Rampa & Re.You - Work

As it seems, Rampa & Re.You converted keinemusik into a boot camp for a while and pulled a couple of all nighters in the studio until they came up with the most distinct Techhouse-flavored drill-instructor-anthem we have heard in years. This peaktime-monster goes by the name „Work“. With its reserved buildup, its dry punch and the spare percussive layout, it’s consciously laying a couple of false trails. Just wait until the first break kicks in, it might get you sweating when just testing it on iTunes, on the floors it is most definitely the weapon of choice to aim for beeline mass hysteria. The Masters at Work-Treatment saw those vocalparts evolve to a dance-classic, it is safe to say this rework is conferring the utmost honor to the original. What else is to say? Put Your Back In It!