Keinemusik & Uslu Airlines ‘KMC’ Nail Polish
21,00 EUR

21,00 EUR

Includes 16% MwSt.

There’s a new addition to uslu airlines’ product family. The destination: KMC. The idea: as continuation of Uslu’s DJ-line, the project came to life in cooperation with Berlin based Keinemusik Crew – a DJ-collective featuring producers like Adam Port, Rampa, &ME, and David Mayer. Likewise following Uslu-tradition, the farbcode matches with the abbreviation of an airport, in this very case representing Saudi Arabia’s military airbase King Khalid Military City. The colour: a matt camouflage-tone preparing for all the undercover action one might come across within the urban jungle. Actually it is the common “NATO-Olive”, the colour of the German forces outdoor apparel. The effects: not less than spectacular. The tones core being pure, covered understatement, its impact is simply disarming.
As expected and desired, Keinemusik has mixed a mix. uslu airlines nail mix by Keinemusik. Enjoy:

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