KM037 Vinyl is out now

Dear vinyl afficionados – you can get your hands on &ME’s “Avalon” EP already, two weeks prior the digital release. It is available now exclusively from Muting The Noise and of course in our shop.

Keinemusik Radio Show by Adam Port

Adam’s new Radio Show is in! Finding its way pretty much off the beaten path, wandering through different tempo scales, touching Balearic, Space-Disco und trippy beats. Light up your lava lamp and dance!

Keinemusik Radio Show by Reznik

Reznik back on Radio Show duties. We’re sensing a hint of reverence to Mr. Keith Haring on this one. Could be it has to do with Reznik sitting in front of a Keith Haring mural on the cover. Well anyway, it was Keith Haring’s birthday yesterday. RIP, brother. And now enjoy this flamboyant mix of uplifting beats.

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