KM025 – Workparty Five


Five years of Keinemusik. Workparty Number Five. The twentyFIFTH KM release in total. Release subsequent to the FIVE labeltour. Before anybody could come to the conclusion, there might be higher powers or math pro’s involved in this, check out this information: on the release, as it has been with all the previous Workparty joint ventures of the Keinemusik collective, you’ll find four cuts. Contributors are again: Rampa, David Mayer, &ME and Adam Port. Using the anniversary as an opportunity, the tracks have been spread over two vinyls for the first time and – as another premiere – wrapped into a gatefold cover, amazingly decorated by the artwork of Monja Gentschow.

Leading us into the ring is Rampa’s “Mod” on A. A crossing of analogue and digital methods, recommending this piece as the unmistakable floor offensive within the batch. Realizing how percussive slaps and the central synth-motif are escalating in call and response, it seems obvious that “Mod” is not to be taken as the shortcut for ‘moderate’ in this case.

David Mayer’s “Smoke” on B is going for a dry and percussive approach itself, although executed in his typical signature sound – intent on the details and all about the subtlety. “Smoke” is a genuine grower. Crackling and rolling in seductive coolness and puffing one or another ganja-cloudlet into the air.

Yet more percussive spleens to be found on C, when &ME is unrolling his “Birdland”. Compared to the two predecessors, he is opening up to a pronounced songwriting architecture and almost tenderly implemented analogue elements like bass runs and piano chords, that are dramatizing this piece until it is consolidating to an impelling floor-affair.

For the grand finale, Adam Port is getting the legendary Stereo MCs on his side. Just for Rob Birch’s vocals, “Place” has to be seen as the most anthemic moment of this EP. But Port’s sensitive instrumentation, all the deep sentiments within the beat and the effective sparing of the bigger gestures, are doing their bits to help shaping this one to be a foreseeable classic for the emotional peeks on a dancefloor.

Tobi Neumann – “David Mayer track was moving the floor very well. I love it!
And “Birdland” sounds like played by a band. Sophisticated arrangement and catchy vocals. And Adam Port adds the perfect groove to the good old Stereo MC‘s song. I play them all. Thanks guys!”
Joris Voorn – “These Keinemusik compilations are always great. My favourite here &ME’s Birdland!”
Breach – “I am loving David Mayer’s ‘Smoke’!!! Such a dope record!”
Jimpster – “All four tracks are on the money and showing why Keinemusik are one of my labels to watch right now. A very talented bunch of producers without a doubt.”
Pezzner – “Its always a treat when the Keinemusik promos come in because the label never fails to inspire awe. This comp is just that. “Awe inspiring.” Thanks!”
Monika Kruse – “YES! Every single track is a BOMB!! Support of course!”
Mano le Tough – “These are good ‘toolish’ tracks from the guys and I’m liking the vocal cut from Adam & Stereo MC’s. Big up’s!!”
Uner – “I LOVE ‘Place’!!! Adam and his amazing groove, as always!! Great job guys!”
Anja Schneider – “Another great release from Keinemusik!! I really can’t figure out my favourite here but I’ll be playing these at the weekend for sure! Thank you for the music guys.”
Chaim – “Every single track on here is so good!! And Place is sooo good… J”
Marco (Italoboyz) – “Birdland all day for me!! Very nice and unquantized sounds from &ME.”
Sidney Charles – “LECKER!! J High quality release from the Berlin-boys! Birdland hits my nerve the most. THX!!”
Sasse – “Really amazing EP! Keinemusik is on a ROLL!! The winner here for me is &ME’s Birdland. A special tune, will hammer it!”