We don’t know, whether this guy is sleeping at all. He just released a new EP under his RAR moniker. He seems to be nonstop assembling and fiddling on some delay pedals and what not. Let alone all the touring. And then he comes up with a KM022, that sets directives and also lives up to them, as if it was nothing.

“Keep House” is the agenda on A1 and everyone who shrugs now about what the house should be kept like – clean (?), tidy (?), locked (?) – should be taken to the next dancefloor by this joint. Of course we’re talking genre-aligned maintaining-mentality here. It needs to be House and it needs to be House forever – what else? When Rampa offers his service to the art form, you can expect a bit more than the usual 808-knitting pattern or jingling preset-piano. He approaches his mandate with a trademark percussive dryness and generous bass-embrace in the kick-range. He slips in little sound-anomalies and weirded out effectrides like Brad Pitt smuggled subliminal dick-pics into “Fight Club”. And by building up a more than mighty groove, he lands on a constitution of House Music that for sure can be behold as state of the art.

Side B, running under the name of “Chai Jen Jen” is aiming for some slighty deeper realms. Inbetween sample-postcards from last Thailand-break (many of the samples and the vocals were field recorded on Chatuchak Market in Bangkok), synth-variations and snare-slaps, it is first and foremost this organmotive in the centre section that will cause self-indulgent trance rapture over whole heated up floor-populations

Mano le Tough – “I’m liking the sound of Chai Jen Jen… Gonna try it out.”
Daniel Bortz – “Will play Chai Jen Jen for sure… Good job pal!! J”
Jimpster – “Rampa does it again! I really love his sound and style. Original and interesting beats and grooves which always please the dancefloor.”
Karotte – “Keep House is good for the early hours in my long sets. Chai Jen Jen is good for special times.”
Gerd – “I luv Rampa’s typical sound! ‘Keep House’ is my fave. Simple groove and great vocal snippets!”
Monika Kruse – “Gregor has certainly got the groove! Another nice one from him. Chai Jen Jen for me.”