KM018 – Adam Port & Here Is Why – Our Fate

As you might remember, the last keinemusik release has already seen some significant vocal support from friendly countries. It’s been a modus operandi, Adam Port is extending quite a bit on his km018 edition. The friendly country being Leipzig for that matter and input coming courtesy of Here Is Why, the synthy Wave-Pop-moniker of Good Guy Mikesh. It is in fact an almost inevitable cooperation. There have been quite a few partynights, where crossfaders were shared and the Here Is Why-sound has been celebrated within the keinemusik-camp since day one.

On A1 you’ll find the clubversion of Here Is Why’s new single “Our Fate” in an unmistakable Port-ish condition. The beat stoically marching, escalating into a loop-excess, taking in some of the dirt that made Ports last tune “Black Noise” such an irresistible weapon. The lusciously chopped bassline is aiming in but one direction (the floor), the vocalpart evolves from craving in the background to full bloom within the break, until some field recordings and percussive ornaments throw your feet back into this fateful goose-step. A banger, again.

The flipside consists of the original and the bonustrack “Tonight”. It is Here Is Why’s first single-release since their highly recommended full length debut “HRSY”. At the same time, it’s their first works coming to life in full on band-mode. “Our Fate” is classic Here Is Why-material factoring in catching and heartwarming vocalhooks, gently orchestrated synth-tension and all those knowing 80ies hints. “Tonight” comes along in a way more spaced out mood, riding a wave, that might surge somewhere within the Atlantic and then pour out whether into the black nothing of the Galaxy or a subtly scored dancefloor.

Ryan Crosson  – “I am all over this Club Version from Adam!! Tonight is a great track as well!”
DJ Hell – “Berlin new wave 2013… Adam is king!”
Maya Jane Coles – “I’m really liking everything on this new Keinemusik!
Soul Clap – “Oh YES!! Tonight is one beautiful record!! J”
Ben Westbeech – “I really love all of it. Our Fate is super!!!”

Tobi Neumann – “Our Fate” in the AP version for sure will be the next big hit of Adam Port. Great talent.. his grooves and the sound are quite unique. Allles richtig gemacht! I will play this and buy the vinyl.”

Adana Twins  – “Quality as always from my favourite crew! Full support und love to Adam!”

X-Press 2  – “Love Love LOVE the AP version of Our Fate!!”

Danny Daze – “No need to even listen to Keinemusik promos …. I just automatically download ….. fresh!”

Catz ‘n Dogz – “Well.. that’s a HIT… HIT… and hmmmm… HIT!!