Workparty Five is out now!


We have to admit, there’s a little feeling of pride rushing through our faster beating hearts. Workparty Five or also known as the most beautiful record we ever put out (thanks to Monja Gentschow) has seen the light of day just now. Wrapped in a gatefoldcover, spread over two vinyls, you can purchase it now in our shop, at and and digitally on

More infos here.

Workparty Five (KM025) Win Test Pressing!


The fifth year, the fifth crewsampler, the 25h release… Workparty Five is coming up. All four producing members of the crue have delivered. And Monja Gentschow designed the gatefoldcover, since as announced HERE, the vinyl will come in a double pack, one track per side..

Now the double test pressing is verified, the feedback is on it’s way to the pressing plant and we can continue our Five Tour… in in the meantime, we want to give you the opportunity to take this double vinyl home..

Please just write us a comment right here underneath this post. The record is in the game until Monday November 3. next week around noon! The winner will be contacted per email.

Good luck!

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  1. Michel: Es wäre so schön, wenn diese Testpressung meine Plattensammlung vervollständigen würde, sie hätte einen Ehrenplatz sicher! ...
  2. Korner: yeah ich bin mit im Topf!!!!!!! und jetzt weiter machen!!!!!!!! ...
  3. Wilma: Ich würde mich so freuen, wenn ich die Platten gewinnen würde und die komplette WG würde sich mit mir freuen,schließlich hätten sie auch etwas davon. Ihr würdet also ziemlich viele Menschen auf einmal glücklich machen. ...