Jaded EP (KM030) by David Mayer OUT SOON


The next record on Keinemusik is by David Mayer and will be out November 13th, 2015.

Named ‘Jaded EP’, the KM030 comes with two tracks, placing the titletrack ‘Jaded’ on Side A and on the essential complementary B side comes ‘Bold’ featuring Sooma.

As always, the cover artwork is by Monja Gentschow and emerged from the close cooperation between her Monifaktur and the artist behind the music, but more about that very soon.

You can preorder vinyl here: DECKS.DE. To prelisten the tracks in full length is of course only possible in the club or on one of our partys, but November is not too far away from now. Latest on our annual party at Watergate November 14th there will be an opportunity to get a full overview of the current situation: Keinemusik all night long on both floors with &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer, Reznik and Rampa (offline) (Click to open the FB-event).

We hope to see you there! And maybe already in one of the next weekends. Stay tuned.

Rampa’s “Newborn Soul” EP is out now!


Rampa made himself scarce recently. But when it comes to the essential, in other words: the music, he is more present then ever. With the just now released KM029, his “Newborn Soul” EP, he’s dropping already the second release on Keinemusik this year. It is now digitally available here:


We’re expecting the vinyls later this week. But you can already pre-order here:

KM Shop

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David Mayer – Burn EP (GRUUV) OUT NOW


As a follow-up on the “Luna” remix for Audiojack earlier this year, David Mayer is about to drop the new EP he signed to their label Gruuv.

The “Burn EP” comes with two tracks. Kicking things off is title track ‘Burn’, in which Mayer features his long time homie and partner in crime NGHT DRPS as their first official collaboration and offers up a penetrative, bass driven workout, employing snaking square wave bass hooks, acidic synth blips and low-slung rhythms, resulting in a typically groovy opening number from David. Following is ‘Helios’ which tips things into darker, more hypnotic realms with stripped back organic percussive subtly bubbling underneath growling bass drones, evolving lead synths and sweeping atmospherics.

To round off the package, Eduardo De La Calle reworks both track into his own ‘Deconstruction Remix’, taking parts from both ‘Burn’ and ‘Helios’ Eduardo reshapes things with his signature style delivering a smooth, understated and subtly blooming six and a half minute take on the originals.

David Mayer’s ‘Burn’ EP is out on Gruuv 4th September 2015.

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