Reznik Mix for Radio Hommage


New mix courtesy of Reznik, executed for the nice folks at Radio Hommage, the label periphery of Halles own Monkey Safari crew. With the encouragement to let go of all House-bound restrictions, this rather dark, rough and trippy Mix is the result. Contains tunes by Illum Sphere, Human League, Grauzone, Oppenheimer Analysis, Chris & Cosey, Privacy, Atom TM, The Soft Moon und Agent Side Grinder and others. Hit play!

Keinemusik Radio Show by DJ Nomad of Africaine 808

Keinemusik Radio Show by Dj Nomad from Africaine 808 - 26.02.2016

DJ Nomad from Africaine 808 with a very special Radio Show contribution. Recording this Radio Show with just one Turntable, our Guest decidet to moderate every single Track. Its not a Smurf … Its DJ Nomad … Enjoy!

Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Rampa


Rampa’s first radio show after the techno-sabbath. What is to be expected? A journey through all fields of deepness, that touches such different poles as our just released KM031 and evergreens such as Peter Licht’s “Sonnendeck”. So get yourself some protection factor 0,5  and off you go!