Keinemusik Radio Show

Today, David Mayer and Re.You have teamed up to steal an hour of your day. It starts, as always, at 6 pm on We hardly believe that you have something better to to. TUNE IN.

mixed by Adam Port

With a huge delay, here’s the latest radio show for download. Since we all were on the road over the weekend and there wasn’t really much time for uploading, it’s online no earlier than today… Anyway, Adam Port in the mix. Load it.

Keinemusik Radio Show

Tonight at 6 pm there’s a new Keinemusik Radio Show on Sceen.FM. This time it’s Mr. Adam Port’s turn to dominate the schedule for one hour. Tomorrow the mix will be provided for download right here on the blog. TUNE IN!

Mixed by Re.You

After a longer period without doing the radio show we’re now back on regularly every second thursday on Our showtime will be from 6-7 pm.

Rampa & David Mayer Podcast

Rampa and Mayer got together and made the 12th podcast for Zero Inch. There’s a little interview and some text too. Check out Zero here. Nice lazy eye on the “podcast cover” mr. Rampa… bottoms up, right?

Mixed by Rampa x &ME

Rämp und der Lockige haben sichs mal wieder leicht gemacht und die show gemeinsam gemischelt. Was dabei rausgekommen ist könnt ihr euch wie immer hier runter laden. Oder ihr followed uns bei Soundcloud und seht dort immer die neusten mixe und release.

Rämp an the curly one eased up and shared the effort of mixing the new show. The outcome can be downloaded here. You may also follow us on Soundcloud, where you’d always see the newest mixes and releases.

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  1. Josie: Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brghtiened my day! ...
  2. luke: Hammer Show! Heavy Rotation! ...
  3. derdude: uhjasses... min 15. geht ja so geil los........ bedtimeravin.. andagainagainagain... danke für die schöne traumvorbereitung ...