David live from Tagtraum Festival


Yesterday at Tag & Nachttraum in Lahr I played my freshly rendered remix for Terranova’s “Tourette” for the first time. Maybe just a tiny bit of tweaking and then hopefully soon on Kompakt :) Have a good sunday!

Weekend Snapshots – KM in Barcelona Special #1


The now fourth year in a row we all went to Barcelona around the OFF Week to spend some days and nights there together. As a group of 8 people we took off on Tuesday and stayed until Sunday. Blessed with the best weather and optimized circumstances we had a great time.

A large part of the time we enjoyed la dolce vita, hanging out at the beach, having lunch at our fav-spot Santa Marta, queuing up for the Bó de sandwich and wathing a soccer game or two in the evening. A fev partys were also part of the schedule, where we met some old friends and affiliates from all around the world.

This time our week peaked in our first own labelnight, which took place at Almogavers 86 on Friday June 13. At this point, many thanks to Dia and her WIP-team for the comprehensive care and organisation! And last, but not least, thanks to all of you who were there partying with us, making it a perfect finale of our BCN week 2014. We hope to see you all again there next year. Good bye Barcelona, we’ll be back in summer 2015!

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  1. us: will zurück !!! ...
  2. Antwan (Electrocorp): Looks like we both had an awesome weekend! Thank you guys for the music at Almogavers 86, it was insane. ...
  3. Jean-Laurent: MERCI guys !! and thanks for the team Pic outside on the terrace before the "war" on the dancefloor :-) ...

KM Crue back in Barcelona


Over the past years we developed the habit of collectively traveling to Barcelona around the OFF Sónar, accompanied by friends and chummily bookers, sharing one roof and the blue sky in one week of peace and harmony.

Accordingly, the all-in trip has long become an inherent part of our annual planning process and may even be a main part of the annual vacations for some.

This week we got everything sorted, booked the apartment and the flights! Plans for upcoming events are also in the making, news will be provided in time. Until then, we are already looking forward to the cappuccino flatrate at Santa Marta, all of the Sinickers ice cream, not to forget the Bodé Sandwhich and all the other things that can only be found in Barcelona.



On Saturday we celebrated our fifth anniversary at Stattbad. We had a wonderful birthdayparty… thanks to you. Thank each one of you for coming!!

The party is over. See you on the dancefloor!!

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  1. Papaya: WOW! ich wäre jetzt wieder bereit für die nächste runde! thx for the party... ...

Keinemusik Status Post


Wednesday December 18 2013, 2:28 pm…

What happens when one lucky holidaymaker sends a picture of his current whereabout to make the other ones jealous? We, those unthankfully left behind, did our best to teach our dear &ME some serious homesickness.

Monday evening at the KM Office

2013-11-25 18.36.23

When was the meeting again? Since the US tour had to be cancelled due to the delayed visa we had an overall relaxing weekend. And while we’re at it, why not take it easy with starting the week too? However, some of us followed the spontanious call for a mondaymeeting and we had a cosy evening at the office. We talked about this and that and along the way prepared the first order of Workparty Four Sweaters for shipping… you better chain the guard dog already, the postman will arrive soon!

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  1. Bruno Otranto: Nice Job guys! Every single thing that you make on Keine Musik seems to be well cared and full of good taste.Love your soul and image. Just keep working like this. RESPECT :) ...