David Mayer in Australasia Snapshots Special


In February David Mayer was on tour through New Zealand and Australia… snapshots galore.

It was an experience beyond words to travel around for four weeks, play and be welcomed with plain kindness everywhere I went.

1000 thanks and hugs to all the people involved, thank you for taking me in! Hope to see you again soon, somewhen, somewhere :)

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David at Powerhouse Geelong – Pictures


During the tour through New Zealand and Australia there were also a few roadtrips. On the way to the famous surf spot Bells Beach in Victoria is also the Powerhouse, an old power station in North Geelong, now transformed into a street art mecca. It is in constant change and is definitively worth a trip.

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Adam + David @ SONUS Festival Snapshots


The SONUS Festival on Pag Island in Croatia took place for the second time this year. Flawlessly produced by the Time Warp organizer Cosmopop, the festival included three of the four clubs at the beach of Zrce… counting Papaya, Aquarius and Kalypso, that was already one more compared to the year before. With three times more visitors than last time, the tickets were sold out weeks before. The vibe was so positive, all one could see were smiling faces everywhere, and the energy on the floors was guaranteed to drag along every last party pooper from the early afternoon until the next morning and beyond. David arrived on Tuesday, Adam joined in on Thursday and the common departure was during the afterhour on Saturday, the last day of the festival. It was a great week amongst friends, with the sun, the beach, the sea, the best food and everything else it takes to have an unforgettable time. Our daytime party on Thursday will remain one of our best memories of 2014. However, we are sure we’ll meet there again next year!

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