Keinemusik Open Air at Else – Win Guestlist

It’s just 1,5 more weeks until our first Berlin event this year. We’re utterly excited, no joke. Just in case you’ve been living behind a palmtree over the last couple of weeks: date is May 14th. Location is Else. We’re starting at noon and we’ll be playing the whole day through, meaning &ME, Rampa, Adam Port and Reznik. After the sun has set, our friends from Riotvan – Peter Invasion and Jennifer Touch – will take over for the nightshift. We hope to see you there. Let’s make it easy. Win 2×2 spots on our guestlist. Just write an e-mail with the subject „Open Else“ to Good luck!

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Save The Date: Keinemusik Open Air at Else 14.05.

Seriously, the cold season needs to be over soon. It’s been way too long. But check this out: it is only a month until we kick off this years open air season. We’re pretty much excited to be back at Else for some casual, aerated and ecstatic all-day-and-all-night-long-madness. Your humble crew cast of &ME, Rampa, Adam Port and Reznik will deliver the daily sets, while our friends from Riotvan, Jennifer Touch and Peter Invasion will take over for the night session. This is predetermined to be fun. Mark your calendars. And meanwhile, remember our last stay at Else, when we recorded our 100th radio show over there.

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