Rampa – The Touch EP (KM035) OUT NOW


Out of tranquillity and contemplation, Rampa is reaching out once again. To seek contact, to give and take energy, to offer an even mind-expanding touch. All in guise of two new tracks that, quite fittingly, make this “The Touch” EP and #35 within the Keinemusik release-catalogue. The title track on A combines all the reflective qualities of the newer Rampa-sound to a mantra that soon will be chanted collectively across dancefloors all around the world. He thoroughly is aiming for the intensifying pull into deepness of a perfect loop. He’s letting go of anything redundant like all too distracting rhythmic elements and therefore opens space for an OM-like, bass-deep interplay of synth-notes and meditational sounds in the background. “528 Hz” on the other side borrows its name from the concept of the Solfeggio Frequencies. Within the scale of supposedly healing sounds, this very figure is known to be the frequency of repair, representing the energy of love. And an ardent declaration of love this tune is indeed. Within the sound-vocabulary of recent Rampa-releases it might be the logical next chapter after “Trust”. A synth-space- odyssey, emphasized by e-drum-highlights, pulse-quickening tribal-frenzy and a supernova-like blast of energy culminating after the break.

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&ME Australia and Asia Tour 2017

As &ME´s US Tour with Adam Port comes to an end, his next destination is Australia and Asia. Prepare your calendar. Save travels Andre.

Nick Monaco – Half Naked (Adam Port Free Wifi Remix) OUT TODAY

Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-12 um 15.54.57

Fresh off the release of his latest album Half Naked, Nick Monaco has been streaking all over the place and bringing his friends along with him. The Crew Love artist welcomed Lee Curtiss, Adam Port, Severino, SONNS, PillowTalk, David Marston and Insightful into his raunchy world for some remix magic.

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