Keinemusik teams up with Muting The Noise

Today a little thing on our own behalf: You might know that from the early days of Keinemusik, we distributed our releases all by ourselves. Most times, that was good fun, and sometimes, it was a big pain in the ass. One of the major drawbacks of that model, though: many record stores, especially abroad, wouldn’t carry our records, as we just couldn’t deliver to everyone. So we decided to team up with a distribution run by cool people. That said: Keinemusik is doing it with the fine folks at Muting The Noise now. Meaning for you, from Rampa’s KM035 on, you can get your hands on every Keinemusik release two weeks prior the official release date in the Muting The Noise shop and of course, in the KM shop as well. Meaning also, chances are you will find our stuff in your trusted record store more steadily or it will be easier for your dealer to order our records. Good, innit?!

Win Rampa’s and Adam Port’s recent Records

Now look at those fellas. Both having new records out, one of them being the new Keinemusik release, both even sharing the same release day and both not knowing what to do with all that vinyl. So, well-meaning as they are, they are giving them away. You can win packages of 2x Rampa “The Touch” EP + Adam Port & Stereo MC’s “Changes” EP. Just hop over to Rampa or Adams Instagram Account and leave a comment under their most recent posts. Good luck!

Adam Port & Stereo MC’s – Changes EP (FR221)


Adam and Jimpster have had a special kind of ‘virtual’ relationship the last few years with a mutual respect for each others productions and output of their respective labels. Opening the release with Adam’s own remix which sets the tone with a subtle and gently building groove providing the perfect backdrop for the Stereo MC’s esoteric vocal. This lesson in restraint shows why Adam’s productions work so well on big systems, letting all the focus shine firmly on the vocal creating an intense atmosphere with not a single huge breakdown in sight! The original of Changes which takes a more electro approach with a simple bassline and crisp hats and once again allowing the vocal space to take centre stage for a deep and memorable track with a message. Finally Jimpster´s own remix opts to push in a completely different direction. Shuffling up the groove and laying down a repeating Rhodes riff we’re treated to an altogether more soulful and less stark version making the perfect compliment to the the package.

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