Keinemusik Guest-Radio Show by Peter Invasion

Todays edition of the Radio Show comes courtesy of Peter Invasion, label honcho at Riotvan Records – home of Panthera Krause, Good Guy Mikesh, Jennifer Touch etc. Not only do we like all these artists and the label, but it’s also been Markus aka Peter Invasion who has set up Keinemusik nights in Leipzig ever since. Plus: a division of Riotvan, namely Peter Invasion and Jennifer Touch will play the nightshift at our upcoming open air at Else 14th of May. Here’s more info about that: Facebook / Resident Advisor.

Release Day Pt. 2 – KM036 is now out digitally

It’s been rotating on turntables for two weeks already (at least if you copped it through our shop or Muting The Noise), but now it’s time to warm up your CDJs and MP3-players. The digital version of KM036, Adam’s “Ganesha Song” EP, is out now on the download provider of your choice. Find it now on:


Keinemusik Radio Show by &ME

Allergy sufferers will instantly feel their muscosa itching, just by looking at the cover of &ME’s new radio show. But have no fear, no pollen inside, just a bunch of damn fine tunes. Spring is on. The weekend is on. We are all on. Hit play and enjoy!

KM for Mixmag Label Of The Decade

The historians among you might know, Keinemusik is 8 years old by now, but still, we’re featured in Mixmag’s attendee list for “Label Of The Decade”. That’s pretty cool. You know what they say, a high election-turnout is the foundation of a strong democracy. So if you feel like voting for us, please do so, right here.